Snapshot of Services

We are a full service landscaping and grounds maintenance company.
Here are some of our most common customer requests…






Mow & Trim – During the growing season we make sure your home looks its best, we will service your lawn every 7-10 days and we trim and blow on every visit and we will periodically edge sidewalks and driveways to ensure a crisp, clean look.

Mulching & Bed Shaping – We ensure your mulch beds are up-to-standard by creating uniform, clean edges around landscape beds. A preventative weed treatment follows and is topped with hand spread mulch!

Prune & Trim – To ensure plant health, we prune & trim landscape ornamentals 3 times during the growing season. Spring clean-up, the month of July, and during Fall clean-up.

Fertilization & Weed Control – We use a high quality, 5 step process throughout the growing season. We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to apply the commercial grade, fertilization and chemical products.

Landscape Bed Upkeep – We monitor and manage your mulch beds on a regular schedule.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up – Tidy landscape beds and prepare for winter. Trim and remove leaves and cuttings.

Mid Season Mulch Fluff – To ensure your mulch is health & properly balanced we can fluff all mulch beds in the middle of the growing season. This improves aesthetic value AND allows the compost & living matter do its job!

Seasonal Irrigation – To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your irrigation system we recommend you have the commission & decommission of your irrigation system professionally handled for the season. This is available at an additional charge upon request.

Aeration – Aerating your turf is essential to grass health. It allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots and is a foundation for grass growth, strength and overall health. We recommend customers aerate their turf annually.





Tree Removal – Trees big or small are right up our alley, we have a suite of tree removal and tree climbing equipment. We also offer stump grinding, stump removal and disposal of debris.

Stump Grinding – We perform removal & grinding to completely remove downed trees. Some customers prefer to have seeding, top soil, fertilization and/or sod applied to create a ‘nothing was ever there’ look.






Snow Removal – Full service commercial snow removal services including plowing, sidewalk care, salting – bulk and hand thrown, deicing, snow removal/hauling – even old fashioned hand shoveled snow removal too!




Mulch Sales and Mulch Delivery – For our local customers who prefer to DIY, we will deliver mulch right to your driveway so you can spread it yourself! Black mulch, brown mulch and colored mulch like red are most popular, and available to our hands-on customers.


Property Management – We provide property management and property maintenance for our commercial customers. We work with our clients to not only manage their landscaping and grounds but also identify and coordinate necessary contractor specialists (painters, HCAV, cleaners), handle emergency response to flooding, damage etc. We provide various levels of local, on-the-ground support to many clients who manage properties and tenants from out of the TriState area.


Estate Management – The upkeep of property, especially a large one, can be a tall order for those who work and travel. We will take care of your property like it was our own and assign a dedicated Property Manager to oversee maintenance and conduct regular inspections on your grounds. This allows frequent travelers to rest assured that their property is well kept while they’re away, and up-to-date when they return.